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Burn a Black Candle

September 13, 2022

This is a beautifully illustrated introduction to a topic that has rarely been written about before: Italian American magic. Tarot and magic expert Dee Norman shares never-before-disclosed practices and rituals for personal wellbeing.

The Italian folklore tradition is one of the most ancient unbroken chains of wisdom on earth. Discover the previously unwritten secrets of an Italian American family’s magical tradition passed down from generation to generation. This spellbook provides easy, step-by-step introductions to the basics of authentic Italian American magical practice.

Discover how to:

  • Run a magical household, including creating a family altar and connecting with your ancestors

  • Enhance your wellbeing for self and family through Buona Fortuna

  • Perform transformative candle magic

  • Diagnose, cure and ward away malocchio

  • Learn time-tested health remedies from relieving symptoms of viruses to maintaining healthy skin and sleep routines

  • Develop your most important magical tool – your mind

  • Master divination through cartomancy, dreams, pendulums and more

With Tarot and folk Italian magic expert Dee Norman as your guide, build your magical toolkit and discover one of humanity's longest-lasting traditions for good fortune, a happy home and self-care.

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Deadly Enhancements Cover.png

Deadly Enhancements

October 14, 2022

I am proud to announce that my short story The Crawl was included in the Deadly Enhancements cyberpunk anthology!

An AI inhabits a human body.

Targeted marketing invades a man’s life… and mind.

Programmers battle their own government in cyberspace.

Every day, the line between man and machine blurs.Drones replace postal workers, AI-operated cars fill the streets, and our carefully curated digital lives become as critical as our actual ones. How do unchecked technological advances shape us? How do we shape them? Does humanity still have time to choose our own future or is it too late?

Do you want to know more?

In Deadly Enhancements, thirteen visionary authors present versions of tomorrow seeking to answer those questions and explore the dark side of what was supposed to be a bright future.

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Emblemata Lenormand Oracle Deck

September 15 2021

A classic Lenormand oracle deck based on art from 15th Century Emblem Books. Esoteric imagery blended with traditional Lenormand symbolism makes this deck a sight to behold. Designed, drawn, and created by a card reader with over 35 years' experience, bringing this deck to life involved 3 years of research, art, and exploration.
Please Note: The deck does not contain a "Little White Book." A full guidebook is coming soon. In the meantime, a detailed instruction sheet can be found here.

Imagery gathered from A Collection of Emblemes Ancient and Moderne by George WIther (1635) makes Lenormand symbols come alive like never before.

The convenient moon phase indicated in the top left of each card provides additional information for your interpretations as well as help when determining timing of events.

Cards also display the traditional playing card associated with each Lenormand image, allowing you to incorporate aspects of playing card cartomancy into your readings.

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Reviews and Testimonials

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Part family memoir and part introductory spell book, this cozy manual breathes life into an often overlooked magical tradition.

Publisher's Weekly

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 Burn a Black Candle is a beautiful ‘guide to joyful living’ through the practice of real ancestral Italian folk magick. Highly informative and easy to apply, Burn a Black Candle is the perfect blueprint for creating an authentic traditional magickal practice of one's own.

Fiona Duncan, aka Lisa Infantino
Headmistress and Founder of The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft, Conscious Spirituality & Personal Transformation

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All my life I’ve fantasized living in a large and boisterous Italian family, surrounded by brothers and sisters, smothered by intense parental love, and nourished to intoxication by fragrant breads, herbs, olive oil and sauce-drenched pasta. I knew, even as a child, there was something ancient, sacred, and magical about this warm and passionate way of life. Dee Norman’s delightful and inspiring work has proven my childhood instincts correct. The Magic is real and has been practiced with full intent for generations. Please join me around la tavoloa of Italian American Magic.

Lon Milo Duquette,
Author of The Magick of Aleister Crowley


Her presentation of material is made in such a manner that those who work and study with her gain a genuine opportunity to develop their own skills to advance their own practical techniques of magick and spiritual development both traditionally and, "outside of the box."

The Rt.Rev. +Michael W. Humphrey / Frater Pneuma, OAB.  Society President, Presiding Cardinal Bishop, & Supreme Magus; Hierophant, S.T. Polaris, C.KY, OAB;  Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem


I have known Dee for several years and know her to be an excellent instructor and lecturer. She has a vast knowledge on many esoteric subjects and is a gifted tarot reader.

Linda Tipton - High Priestess, Circle of the Blue Moon Coven; Owner/Operator of Moon Struck

Tarot Card Deck

Dee has provided me with not only helpful insights into my situation but helped me find relief and grace. Her keen eye and clear love for the systems she uses to divine add to the infectious confidence and enthusiasm brought about by her readings.

S (Tarot Client)

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Author, artist, and witch Dee Norman grew up in her family’s Italian American magical tradition and has been a student of cartomancy since the Mid-eighties. Throughout the past 20 years, she has been creating and presenting workshops on Tarot, Lenormand, and a variety of practical magical topics. She has been a professional card reader since 1997 with clients around the globe. She has hunted ghosts in Australia and the US, has been a high priestess for three teaching covens, and is the creator of the Occult Observatory, the largest active club of its kind on Clubhouse. A lifelong student and teacher, her focus of study is on esoteric art, practical and ritual magic, and grimoires. She lives in Spring Hill, TN with her beloved partner, madcap daughter, and a pampered dog named Halloween Jack.

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