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Take advantage of 37 years of experience

I have been a professional card reader since 1994, working for professional psychic lines, metaphysical shops, and running my own Tarot Party business, called Tarot2Go.  I have also read cards at venues like Healing Festivals and Pagan Pride days.  My repeat clientele spans the globe, and I haven't been actively seeking new clients for years. However, starting this month, I would love to work with new clients. Click the button below to book a reading or, if you are a card reader yourself, book a one-on-one coaching session to enhance and develop your card reader skills!
30 MIN: $45.00
60 MIN: $70.00

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"I am beyond words. Dee has provided me with not only helpful insights into my situation, but helped me find relief and grace. Her keen eye and clear love for the systems she uses to divine add to the infectious confidence and enthusiasm brought about by her readings. She really takes care of you when you're in the hot seat. Dee is one of the few readers I truly trust to be honest and realistic with me when divining. I can't wait to go over my recording of our session again. I feel like I learn something new each time I press play. - S

Tarot Card Deck
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