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September 2021

A classic Lenormand oracle deck based on art from 15th Century Emblem Books. Esoteric imagery blended with traditional Lenormand symbolism makes this deck a sight to behold. Designed, drawn, and created by a card reader with over 35 years' experience, bringing this deck to life involved 3 years of research, art, and exploration.
Please Note: The deck does not contain a "Little White Book." A full guidebook is coming soon. In the meantime, a detailed instruction sheet can be found here.

Imagery gathered from A Collection of Emblemes Ancient and Moderne by George WIther (1635) makes Lenormand symbols come alive like never before.

The convenient moon phase indicated in the top left of each card provides additional information for your interpretations as well as help when determining timing of events.

Cards also display the traditional playing card associated with each Lenormand image, allowing you to incorporate aspects of playing card cartomancy into your readings.

Note: All editions are poker sized.

Standard Edition: Just the deck in all its beauty, in a convenient tuckbox.

Lady Readers Edition: (Limited to 50 decks, once sold, this Edition will not be printed again). The deck in its convenient tuck box, hand numbered and signed by the creator.

Secret Sigil Edition: (The same as the Lady Reader's Edition but with a special addition). Each deck is accompanied by a sigil drawn exclusively for you by the deck creator. She will do a reading with her copy of the deck to divine the best sigil for you (clarity, opening up psychic abilities, decision making, etc). Then she will use her secret sigil creation method to make you an exclusive custom sigil. The sigil will be hand drawn on high quality paper, of a size to make it convenient to keep with your deck.

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