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These classes are currently available. Check back often for updates!

Long Candles on Shelf

Candle Magic Basics

March 2 @ 8PM CT


March 4 @ 1PM CT

A practical session that will cover basic, foundational candle magic techniques.  Learn about various types of candles and how to select the right one for your purposes.  Learn techniques of cleansing, dressing, and dedicating candles for any purpose. Discover the easy way to create your own spells!

Location: Zoom

Time Investment: 1 1/2 Hours

Financial Investment: $25

Candle Burning Ritual

Candle Magic Intermediate

March 16 @ 8PM CT

March 18 @ 1PM CT

A follow up to the Candle Magic Basics class (though that class is not required to attend this one). Learn more advanced techniques of applying candles to your magical and spiritual practices, including burning candles for saints, deities, and ancestors. We will also explore multi-candle spells and reading a candle’s burn to see how your work is progressing.

Location: Zoom

Time investment: 1 1/2 hours

Financial Investment: $25

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