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Emblemata Lenormand - Card 3, The Ship

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Traditional Meaning: Travel, journeys

The Ship card in the Realms:

Spiritual: Meditative journeys, astral travel

Emotional: Exploring emotional situations, finding causes

Mental: Daydreams, creative thought

Physical: Traveling far from home


Moon Phase: New – You may not end up where you expect

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Element: Water

Motto: While I have a guided rudder

Directional: the Ship points towards where you are headed and away from what you are leaving behind

The Ship speaks:

“I will carry you to new lands and new experiences. King or fool, master or servant, you are going somewhere. I travel waters rough and smooth, moving always ahead into the unknown. I bring about the exchange that is the heart of commerce, allowing the interchange of ideas, money, and knowledge."

Interpretation Advice:

The Ship is a conveyance that delivers you to new places and experiences. Its indication of forward motion is a hint that you are progressing – be it spiritually, physically, or emotionally – into a new realm. Its virtue is its momentum, allowing you to transvers difficult times and situations, knowing that you will eventually move past them onto something else. Its appearance is an encouragement to move on to new places or thoughts rather than remain in one place. The tide is changing, the water is flowing, it’s time to get moving! The motto, “While I have a guided rudder,” reminds us that perseverance will allow us to find our true destinations more quickly.

A deeper look into the image’s symbolism:

  • King and servant – cooperation between higher and lower consciousness

  • Sails – energy and drive to move forward

  • Other ships – other people charting their own courses

  • City – new places and spaces to explore

  • Water – tides, flow, and movement

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