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Emblemata Lenormand - Card 13, The Child

Traditional Meaning: Youth, new beginnings

The Child card in the Realms:

Spiritual: A new lease on life, a new path or way

Emotional: Immaturity

Mental: Fledgling or first thoughts

Physical: A baby, child or youth, something new or young


Moon Phase: Waxing – Early growth Element: Air

Motto: Wounded patience becomes fury

The Child speaks:

“I am the breath of fresh air, the sweet newness that comes with the spring. I bring youth, exuberance, and inexperience with me. I am the first tentative attempt, the whole-hearted leap, the sprouting joyfulness of something new. Each experience is a revelation to me, each reaction untested and untried. My senses are wide open as I take it all in.”

The Child represents youth and newness. Fresh experiences are coming your way and you are likely to find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Your inexperience will be at the forefront, so you must be willing to experiment or rely upon the advice of others. As you are confronted with unfamiliarity, it is up to you to decide how you will respond. Will you be open to new situations, or will you close yourself off? The Child’s motto, “Wounded patience becomes fury” is a caution that the innocent patience and belief of youth can turn into anger when it is abused.

A deeper look into the image’s symbolism:

  • Flowing water – eternal font of new sensations and experiences

  • Plants – youth, newness, new growth

  • Mirror – reflection of the events around you which can be distorted by inexperience

  • White gown – innocence, purity

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