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Shoppin' Around in the Magical World - Wednesday Night Making Magic, Occult Observatory Clubhouse

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Note: This is a post from 2021 that I transferred from my old blog.

We discussed finding magical and esoteric supplies tonight on Clubhouse. Every Wednesday night, we schedule a room to discuss some detail about magical practice. Sometimes it is about a particular technique, sometimes it is about a general concept. This week's topic about finding supplies was suggested by Ms Melody, a regular attendee.

I thought that I would start making actual use of this blog by summarizing the information we discussed in the room for people who couldn't make it to the discussion but who were interested in the topic.

My philosophy when it comes to shopping for magical supplies is to seek out small local metaphysical shops and to support them. However, there are some items that I always buy outside of metaphysical stores. I buy larger, more expensive items in metaphysical shops -- statues, jewelry, magical tools like ritual daggers and wands. I buy consumable items -- herbs, candles, etc. -- from small grocery stores. Grocery stores that serve Asian and South American communities have a wonderful selection of herbs and candles and the prices are always less expensive than what you will find in metaphysical shops. Since I burn so many candles and I use a lot of herbs, I tend to look for the bargains. Dollar stores are also a fantastic place to find inexpensive candles and candle holders.

Sada, a new visitor to the group, had a wealth of information to share about responsibly harvesting wild herbs and using caution when buying crystals (sometimes even the person selling the crystal doesn't know that it is a fake!) As for harvesting wild plants, she brought up the importance of not over-harvesting, leaving offerings, and tuning into the surrounding elementals to ensure that you have permission to harvest.

Jennifer had some good information to share about using dirt for an insulator to burn charcoal for incense on -- something to remember if you don't have sand or salt to use.

Molly was the magnificent mod and had some great questions to get the conversation going, particularly about what materials to put in a charm bag and what materials to make a charm bag out of. That led to a lengthy discussion of different elements that could be included in a charm bag -- stones, herbs, sticks, flowers, charms, small symbolic items -- the list goes on and on. Jennifer described her method of making herbal charm bags, soaking them in warm water for 30 minutes, and then adding them to bath water for a magical bath!

We rounded out our discussion with some conversation about our favorite books -- Sada and I got off on a tangent on one of my favorite people -- Manly P. Hall. This leads to our topic for next week, Wednesday May 5. We will be talking about the books we love. Come prepared to talk about your favorite metaphysical/spiritual authors and books. If you are a book collector, come ready to brag about your collection! Or sit back and listen to us chatter -- it's up to you

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