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Emblemata Lenormand - Card 1, The Rider

The traditional Lenormand imagery of a male rider on a horse is replaced by the image of the Goddess Fortuna riding her wheel across the ocean.

Traditional Meaning: News, arrivals

The Rider Card in the Realms:

Spiritual: Enlightenment

Emotional: A change of heart

Mental: A realization, receiving information

Physical: A visitor or guest


Moon Phase: New – The outcome cannot be seen

Element: Fire

Motto: Lest I be held

Directional: Yes – whatever the Rider is moving toward is where the news will arrive; the Rider’s back is turned to something for which you will not receive new information

The Rider speaks:

“I come from over earth and water; nothing can stop me. My foot makes contact with your shore, and I deliver my message. Am I a thought that has been formulated over years? Am I a sudden piece of news from out of nowhere? Am I an overheard rumor? Am I accurate? Do you need me? Should you heed me? Or will I only lead you into confusion or poor decisions?”

Interpretation Advice:

When the rider appears, an influence of some sort is arriving or entering the situation. A new thought or missing knowledge is revealed. Something you did not know is now known. This information can come unsought or after years of searching. The news the Rider bears will direct your fate, for good or ill. Her motto is “Lest I be held,” indicating that her arrival and delivery of the knowledge she bears is inevitable. She is a force arriving on your shore which cannot be restrained or held back.

A deeper look into the image’s symbolism:

  • Blue sky – clarity, seeing distinctly

  • Green land – the fertile shore from which the Rider comes

  • Combination of water and earth – the news can come from an internal or external source, either another person or your own observations or intuition

  • Red and blue wrap – the knowledge she carries can be two sided and can work either good or ill (or even a combination of both)

  • Wheel – the wheel of fate, which assures us that nothing is permanent, and all things change

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