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Emblemata Lenormand - Card 10, The Scythe

Traditional Meaning: Severing, collecting

The Scythe Card in the Realms:

Spiritual: Cutting spiritual ties

Emotional: Break up, distancing

Mental: Decision, discernment

Physical: A cutting or breaking


Moon Phase: Waning – And end to growth or development

Element: Air

Motto: Makes scepters equal to hoes

Directional: Yes – blade of the scythe points to what is being harvested or severed/handle of the scythe points to what is protected from the blade or that which is not being taken in

The Scythe speaks:

“With my swinging blade I strike forth, capable of severing anything that binds or connects. Cut the connections between and harvest the results. Separate the living and the dead, split the difference, and calculate the results. My keen edge heralds the end to a season and clears the way for what remains.”

Interpretation Advice:

The Scythe brings a sudden cut or separation. It can represent the severing of a relationship or situation or a harvest of the results of your actions. As the scythe’s blade swings, it makes changes to its environment that are likely to be irreversible. The cut of the scythe can be expected at the end of a season or situation, or it can happen unexpectedly. When things come to an end, be aware of what you are gathering to yourself. The Scythe’s motto, “Makes scepters equal to hoes” reminds us that its blade doesn’t differentiate between situations or stations in life, its severing power applies to all.

A deeper look into the image’s symbolism:

  • Skull – wisdom, experience; the skull has seen the entire cycle of life and understands that it consists of a series of severing and rejoining

  • Shoots of new grass – what you sew you will reap, and the scythe will bring it in to you, so be cautions what you sew

  • Coffin – the scythe can help lay unhealthy situations, relationships, or events to rest

  • Funeral procession – all walks of life must acknowledge the power of the scythe

  • Worms – a worm’s severed tail can be regrown; sometimes a cut is required to foster new growth

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