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Emblemata Lenormand - Card 5, The Tree

Traditional Meaning: Health, Family

The Tree in the Realms:

Spiritual: Those on the same spiritual path, the entities in your spirit family

Emotional: Your moods, your chosen family

Mental: Mental health issues, interrelated thoughts

Physical: Your physical family, people you see every day, physical health


Moon Phase: Waxing – Growth, but slowly

Planet: Earth

Element: Earth

Motto: Through difficulties to honors

Directional: No

The Tree speaks:

“I am the slow growth of perseverance. I represent longevity and history, tradition, and networks. The roots of my past and the leaves of my present assure my continued existence. I do not function unless both are healthy. My strength is due to the smaller strengths of all my parts, and I grow best when they are working in harmony. I hold the secrets to growth over time.”

Interpretation Advice:

The Tree is a network, a series of connections and interrelationships. Its slow growth and strong roots assure its longevity. Since it represents a complex system, it can be a representation of our own physical and mental health, or it can represent networks of people like our families and friends. Since it calls to mind tradition, the Tree also represents the past and how your experiences can shape your present abilities. The Tree’s motto, “Through difficulties to honors” underlines its ability to steadily grow and flourish through good times and bad.

A deeper look into the image’s symbolism:

  • Red birds – vitality and partnership

  • Limbs from four seasons – passage of time, varying conditions

  • Exposed roots – history, the past, source

  • Farmland – growth and prosperity, ebb and flow of life

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