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Emblemata Lenormand - Card 6, The Clouds

Traditional Meaning: Confusion, uncertainty

The Clouds card in the Realms:

Spiritual: Straying from your destined path

Emotional: Feeling conflicted, warring emotions

Mental: Confusion, misunderstanding

Physical: Mist, heavy rain, precipitation


Moon Phase: Waning – Certainty dwindles

Element: Air

Motto: After trials, consolation

Directional: Yes – whatever lands on the dark side of the Clouds is obscured; whatever lands on the bright side of the Clouds is in the clear/receiving clarity

The Clouds speak:

“I swirl, I change, I shift. Visibility is low as the winds blow. My mist obscures your view of things both real an imagined. Who can tell in the churning flow that foster? Can you find your way through my evolving fog? Do I veil a great light or a gaping darkness? The only way out is through.”

Interpretation Advice:

The Clouds bring uncertainty and changing conditions. This influence can last for an indeterminate amount of time since nothing is a sure thing when the clouds descend upon you. Its appearance could mean that you don’t know the entire story. Perhaps someone has pulled the wool over your eyes. There is something that you are unsure of, and you cannot see the way ahead. The motto of the Clouds, “After trials, consolation” reminds you that this condition will eventually pass. You can either hunker down and wait for the clouds to pass or walk your way out.

A deeper look into the image’s symbolism:

  • Sunny sky – the clouds eventually pass, revealing the shining sun

  • Pouring rain – sometimes clouds bring the rain that causes plants to thrive, how can you turn your uncertainty into your advantage?

  • Blooming flowers – flowers thrive off of both rain and sun, welcoming each condition as it comes along

  • Wilting corn – the heat of the sun can be punishing if it isn’t balanced

  • Fertile land – confusion doesn’t mean that you aren’t growing and making progress

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