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Emblemata Lenormand - Card 9, The Bouquet

Traditional Meaning: A gift, happiness

The Bouquet card in the Realms:

Spiritual: A blessing or ability

Emotional: Comfort

Mental: Pleasant thoughts, happy woolgathering

Physical: An actual gift or reward bestowed


Moon Phase: Full – Receive what you have worked for in full

Element: Earth

Motto: Faith preserved enriches

Directional: No

The Bouquet speaks:

“I signify great happiness. I bring acknowledgement of your efforts and reward for seeing things through. You could find yourself in a circle of admirers who have great interest in what you do. Assistance is yours when you need it – people are willing to help you. Generosity surrounds you and you can get what you need.”

Interpretation Advice:

The Bouquet indicates a pleasant surprise or perfectly timed gift. Your work is recognized, and you are viewed with great sympathy and admiration. Often, it can be challenging to accept gifts when they are given. Remain open to the bounty of the universe. It is a time of generosity, which you can capitalize on if you share that generosity with others. A period of happiness surrounds you as you find what you need falling into your lap.

A deeper look into the image’s symbolism:

  • Horn of plenty – endless bounty

  • Bright sun – the warmth of approval and appreciation

  • Abundant fruit – a variety of delights

  • Beautiful countryside – room to spread your wings

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