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Neapolitan Card Meanings & Reading Methods - Method 2


Hi and welcome back to my series on Neapolitan Card reading techniques.

I have been looking for information about how to use Neapolitan cards for divination. Though there are some useful sources out there on the web, the ones I have found have been in Italian. To make this study easier, I translated what I found into English. This information is not original to me, rather, it has been found in various places across the web.

Today's method is called the Two Card method and is absolutely fascinating to me. Note that this method uses completely different meanings than the single card meanings I discussed in a previous post. Try it and let me know what you think!

Two-card method

  1. Focus on a question while shuffling the deck and cutting it with the left hand.

  2. Draw two cards at a time, setting aside all pairs. (For example, if you deal out the 2 of coins and the 2 of swords, set those two aside). Go through the whole deck, dealing the cards out by twos and setting aside the pairs.

  3. Follow steps 1 and 2 twice more, focusing on the same question and continuing to set the pairs aside in the order you find them. (So, you retain the pairs you found, then take the remaining unpaired cards, focus on the same question, and shuffle and cut the remaining unpaired cards with the left hand. Then deal the remaining cards out in pairs, looking for and setting aside the pairs. You do this a total of three times.)

  4. If no pairs appear in the first time through the deck, it is an indication that you must give the question/situation more time before you can get an accurate reading. Ask another question or let some time pass before you re-ask the question.

  5. Interpret the pairs according to the meanings below.

Card Pair Interpretations


Batons/Cups - Moving away from a loved one

Batons/Coins - News about work or relationships

Batons/Swords - Bad news arrives

Cups/Coins - Good news arrives

Cups/Swords - Quarrels or mourning

Coins/Swords - Losses and bad news at work


Batons/Cups - Difficulty in love affairs

Batons/Coins - Solidarity

Batons/Swords - Fights, jealousy, enemies ready to harm you

Cups/Coins - Serenity, deep love

Cups/Swords - Deceptions, jealousy, quarrels

Coins/Swords - Hypocracy, cheating, subterfuge, untrustworthy people


Batons/Cups - Love, affectionate feelings

Batons/Coins - Sex, lack of genuine feeling, very selfish people

Batons/Swords - Problems, pains

Cups/Coins - Passion, extreme emotional involvement

Cups/Swords - Suffering for love, secret encounters

Coins/Swords - Pain, divorces


Batons/Cups - Very tense communications

Batons/Coins - Communications that bring about material improvements

Batons/Swords - Communications that lead to quarrels

Cups/Coins - Positive communications that bring improvements in every sphere

Cups/Swords - Lack of dialogue, negative news

Coins/Swords - Communications that don't arrive, waiting


Batons/Cups - Positive answer to the question

Batons/Coins - Positive answer to the question

Batons/Swords - Positive answer to the question

Cups/Coins - Positive answer to the question

Cups/Swords - Positive answer to the question

Coins/Swords - Positive answer to the question


Batons/Cups - Communication, talk

Batons/Coins - News that don't arrive, or payments delayed

Batons/Swords - Impediments, blocks

Cups/Coins - Material serenity, money on the way

Cups/Swords - Unpleasant news

Coins/Swords - Money that is blocked

Donne (Women)

Batons/Cups - Strong, passionate person

Batons/Coins - Career person, focused on their own interests

Batons/Swords - Strong and combative person

Cups/Coins - A sunny and generous person

Cups/Swords - A false person

Coins/Swords - A false and selfish woman

Cavalieri (Horsemen)

Batons/Cups - News on the way

Batons/Coins - News about money

Batons/Swords - Bad news, or a change for the worse

Cups/Coins - Excellent news

Cups/Swords - Unexpected bad news, estrangement of a loved one

Coins/Swords - Negative changes

Re (Kings)

Batons/Cups - News on the way

Batons/coins - Passionate and strong person

Batons/Swords - Strong and combative person

Cups/Coins - A sunny and positive person

Cups/Swords - A false person

Coins/Swords - A false and selfish person

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